Since my garments are all freehand knits/crochet, traditional sizing guidelines do not strictly apply. I will include multiple measurements for the item and material details so please be sure to measure yourself so you have an idea of how it will fit. I will also include an approximated industry standard size, but please be aware that it is just an estimate. I do my best to create apparel in all sizes but if you have specific size guidelines in mind please consider reaching out through the contact form to set up a custom project. 


Due to their handmade nature, knit/crochet garments will have to be cared for a little more delicately. Lightly hand washing with cold water and gentle detergent is a must. For silk and wool pieces please use detergent specialized for those materials. Silk and wool detergent can be easily found online or may be in your local yarn shop. Once washed, lay flat to dry. Please do not tumble dry or iron your garment. Washing only when absolutely necessary will preserve your garment and add to its longevity.